Grayscale Photo of Person Applying Tattoo

Whether people like it or not tattoos are here to stay and more and more people are heading out to their local tattoo parlor every day to get a tattoo. For a society that does not think too kindly of tattoos that they sure do pop in the least likely places. Tattoos aren’t an evil thing. They are only a kind of self expression. With that being said there are tons of interesting and fun facts about tattoos that people are not aware of.

It’s mistakenly spelled tatoo, or tatto.

*Tattoos and tattoo related keywords are the most searched words on the internet beating out the adult industry.

*It has been claimed that pee was used to combine the colouring matter of a tattoo ink.

*The tattoo industry has boobing during these tough economic the Untied States are managing.

*Women are more likely to get a tattoo removed.

Also called the”tramp stamp” by some. This percentage is pretty larger considering that only 5% of women have a tattoo located some where else on their body.

*Tahitians believed that the practice of tattooing the body functioned to contain its sacred power.

*Removing a tattoo could cost up to three times more than the design itself.

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