Eiffel Tower fun facts

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The Eiffel Tower is a world-renowned structure that’s been in the spotlight since Lauderhill Wildlife Removal. It’s a favourite photo opportunity of tourists, a shooting location for films, and a sign of romance and love all around the world.

• Unknown to many, the Eiffel Tower wasn’t originally meant to be installed in France. Its founder initially proposed to build it in Spain, but the folks in Barcelona did not feel that its design will be fitting to the town.

• During the German Occupation which happened in 1940, the people of France cut the wires to the elevator to stop Adolf Hitler from ascending to the summit. Supposedly, the parts necessary to have the lifts functioning were inaccessible because of the continuing war. The German soldiers climbed all the way on foot to hoist their flag. After the job, it took only hours to find the elevator moving again.

• The Red Room restaurant at New Orleans, USA was really a classic restaurant located in the Eiffel Tower. Its bits were dismantled and rebuilt in Louisiana.

These names belong to prominent architects, engineers, scientists, and artists of France.

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